The Idea

Rimbin is a contagion-free playground where children can play together without worrying about infecting themselves or their playmates. Rimbin offers each child their own large play area, visually inspired by a lily pond. The circular play areas are connected by speaking tubes and interactive play features to allow children to play together safely and exuberantly.

Design & Features

Rimbin's play surfaces are inspired by the leaf shape of the Amazonian giant water lily. The design is developed according to the principles of biomimicry (imitation of natural principles) and stands out from existing design approaches for playgrounds.

Design Principles:

  • each child gets a single play area 
  • there is an individual access to this playing area
  • children can see each other
  • children can communicate with each other 
  • children can be observed of by parents
  • children can also play over distance


Materials: plywood (sustainably grown Siberian larch), metal

Age group: 4-12 years


  • speaking tubes through which direct communication between children is possible
  • interactive games that only work through collaboration between the children
  • simple signage system and safety control for parents 
  • easy way for parents to disinfect the play areas

Play elements

Rimbin's games are designed for collaboration. At a distance, children learn to interact more consciously with each other. Each piece of play equipment is a playful invitation to learn teamwork and social exchange. 

We are happy to develop further custom-made play elements for special needs and thematic focuses in an open exchange.

Selection of play elements:

  • seasaw
  • Bucket-pulley
  • sandbox
  • wheel
  • climbing tower
  • speaking tubes

Press & Awards

Since the idea was first published on on 5/19/2020, Rimbin has been featured in numerous respected publications both nationally and internationally. 

Rimbin has been awarded in the competition Beyond Crisis by Germany Land of Ideas.

Contact us

Are you looking for the playground of the future? Which enables children to play in a new way? Which trains teamwork and social skills? 

We develop the appropriate implementation of the concept for your needs.

Steps towards implementation

  • Initial interview and initial inventory
  • Design detailing
  • Landscaping
  • Planning and production
  • Shipping and assembly

Martin Binder & Claudio Rimmele


t: +49 (0)30 39772847

About us

The inventors of Rimbin are the designer and artist Martin Binder and the psychologist and publicist Claudio Rimmele. Already at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, they noticed the changed cityscape of Berlin. All playgrounds became forbidden areas. Access to swings, climbing nets and other play elements for children were cordoned off with barrier tapes. This (necessary) restriction gave rise to the inventors' common desire to develop an idea for contagion-free play. In a 6-week creative sprint, they developed the solution behind Rimbin.